Promo Campaign - "Challenge Trailer"

January is the kick off of "weight loss season." Every year Vi would start off with a global event called "The World's Largest Challenge Party." Promoters would gather customers in their homes for a shake party and play the videos, pitch the opportunity and get new and old people signed up.

My team produces an inspiring kick off video to get guests excited and in their seats so that the Promoters could introduce them to the Challenge.

The video had to be available in all languages, including market specific product configurations, claims restrictions and other local requirements. 

In addition, 2 versions of each country's promo had to be released. A generic version that could be used by Promoters and a corporate version.

Oh, and this was always the last video produced before the event so that it could reflect the new Year's marketing push. In other words it had to be turned around fast. 12 versions in less then a week! That number will continue to grow as Vi continues to expand globally.

This project was distributed via web, mobile and download.